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Gear review: Hema Map of Australia Sticker decal

Written by: John Ford


 John Ford takes a look at one of Hema Maps' fun travel accessories: the Map of Australia Sticker.

A great way to track your caravan travels for posterity is to mark them on a map. Hema Maps is an iconic mapping company, and it makes the best quality and most accurate maps available. 

This includes the adhesive maps of Australia that are made with a high-quality MetaWrap 50-micron plastic base that can be used indoors or outside. These adhesive maps are specially designed for vehicles and are suitable for outdoor picnic tables. But they can be applied to virtually any flat surface if desired. The maps come in two sizes: medium (450mm x 375mm) and large (800mm x 666mm). 

The stickers add individuality to your van and should make great conversation starters. While you'll be able to spot the major roads and areas, the maps are relatively small scale so they aren't a handy format for finding your way when lost, but they will add perspective to your travels. If you are all the way across the continent, it will give a good idea of how far you are from home.

We ordered the medium size, stuck it onto the van's exterior drop-down table, and then outlined the journeys we’ve undertaken over the past couple of years with a permanent marker, which was a fun way to track how far and wide our road adventures have taken us and see where our future travels might lead us. 

When choosing where to place the map, we'd recommend chosing smooth areas as rough-textured surfaces may make it harder to mark your journey on the map. And be sure to give the area a good clean so that the adhesive of the sticker can get a good hold. 

The map stickers make for a great bon voyage gift and are available online from Hema Maps post-free or from good map shops (where you'll also be able to find Hema's range of detailed maps and devices). The medium size map is $44.95, and the large is $99.95.


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