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Gear review: SureCan self venting jerry can with easy pour

Written by: John Ford


John Ford tests out the SureCan Self Venting Jerry Can, an excellent choice for storing and transporting excess fuel when on the road. 

From the school of building a better mousetrap comes this innovative SureCan jerry can that we tried recently. The original plastic-lined stainless steel jerry can was developed for the German army in World War II and eventually copied by the British, who bestowed the name. By the end of the war, 21 million of the Allied forces' fuel cans were scattered across Europe.

The design of metal cans has mostly stayed the same, and jerry cans are essential equipment (although mostly plastic these days) for travellers heading bush. But anyone who has used them extensively will know they can be messy and sometimes hard to keep upright due to their narrow design. 

This self-ventilating SureCan is a new take on fuel storage and transport, and it has been recently released to the local market. Its patented design is virtually spillproof with a lower rotating down-spout and a thumb button at the top that releases vacuum pressure and allows fuel to flow without glugging once you remove the spout’s screw cap. 

The spout lowers and you can remove the capHold the lever down to pour

I found the SureCan easy to use and precise in controlling the fuel flow from the top trigger. The can is made in the US and has a quality high-density polyethylene construction. The spring-activated top filler point has a rubber seal and a tight fit, so it’s almost impossible to spill fuel when topping up the can at the servo.

I like the broad base that will be easy to store in the back of a ute and the comfortable handle. The SureCan will be very popular with owners of boats, motorcycles and stationary engines because of the sensible way they pour from the bottom via the flexible spout, allowing you to fill the tank even when it is in an awkward position or you have restricted access. Owners of newer vehicles with capless fuel tanks will also love them.

The SureCan jerry can is a good solution if you're looking for a portable fuel container and is available in 8L or 19L versions in yellow (diesel), red (petrol) and white (drinking water). 

We tested out the 19L SurCan. The item dimensions are 260cm x 330cm x 396cm and it sells for $246 from Blackwoods

The filler has a rubber seal


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