New MSA 4x4 Accessories gear: Storage, coffee and cutlery

New MSA 4x4 Accessories gear: Storage, coffee and cutlery - Caravan World Australia

MSA 4x4 Accessories is a household name for Aussie explorers, producing innovative products perfect for a camping trip or 4WD getaway. Some of MSA 4x4's most well-known products include it's SEMA award-winning towing mirrors, the Drop Slide and the original Water Bra. 

And as you'll see below, MSA also creates all kinds of 4WD accessories and camping gear to make the outdoor adventuring lifestyle easier and more enjoyable than ever. 

MSA Explorer storage bags

We have been travelling with the MSA Double Storage Drawer System in the back of my 200 Series LandCruiser for the past 10 months, and it has proven to be durable and easy to use. I like the way they are built and the stay-open mechanism that allows packing safely on uneven ground. But because they pack in so much stuff, it’s sometimes hard to remember where smaller things are stored. 

MSA has come to the rescue with these new Explorer Storage Bags. Crafted from durable satin black Hypalon outer skins, they come in three convenient sizes and are designed to fit snugly in the MSA 4x4 storage drawers. Hypalon, the same sturdy material used in high-quality inflatable boats, ensures these bags can withstand rough treatment and last for ages.

All the bags are the 42cm width of the drawers but vary in height and length for various applications. The large at 24L and medium at 15L take the full height of the drawers. The small 8L bag is designed to accommodate thinner items under it and I found the MSA Premium Cutlery Pack is a snug fit.

The bags maintain shape thanks to 4mm EVA foam, reinforced with sturdy PVC in the walls and lid. All bags feature dividers that Velcro to the walls, optimising tidy storage, and a mesh pocket in the lid and main divider for housing smaller items. Lifting the bags is a breeze with a reinforced top handle and two side straps. A heavy-duty zip provides easy access to the contents without removing the bags. MSA cautions overloading the bags as damage may occur to the lid, zipper or carry handle when opening or closing the MSA 4x4 Storage Drawer Module.

When I loaded the bags with all the flotsam previously stored there, the difference was remarkable. I’ve yet to label the contents on the supplies cards that sit behind clear pockets on the lids, but that will help me remember where things are packed.

Before the MSA Explorer Storage Bags

After the MSA 4x4 Explorer Storage Bags — everything is neat and tidy now!

Aside from their sleek appearance, I’m impressed by the top-notch quality of these bags, a testament to the durability of all MSA products. The large bag is priced at $120, the medium at $110, and the small at $100. A bundle of the three different options is available for $300, offering great value for the quality and usability they provide. 

MSA Deluxe Coffee Kit

In keeping with the design of the MSA 4x4 Explorer Storage Bags, the company has also released a couple of handy cooking accessories. They are designed to fit neatly into the MSA 4x4 Explorer Storage Drawer System and bring a touch of luxury and practicality to your camping experience.

The first is the MSA Deluxe Coffee Kit, which arrives in the same super-strong Hypalon exterior and waterproof PVC lining as the storage bags. The heavy-duty zip opens to a dedicated space for the kit to be cut into durable high-density foam. The set comes in black or cream and has all the gear for a successful brew wherever you are.

We reviewed the black version, which looks impressive with modern styling and on-theme MSA logos. The kit includes an insulated 600ml French press-style coffee plunger to which you add coffee grounds. Two powder-coated stainless steel 240ml cups are double-skinned, so they can be used for hot or cold drinks, and they have clear rubber-sealed lids to aid insulation, stop spillage and remind you what you are drinking. Two stainless canisters house up to 500ml of coffee, sugar or creamer, and they, too, have tight-fitting lids. Rounding out the set are two MSA branded teaspoons, a 30ml measuring spoon and a microfibre cleaning cloth.

The kit is a great way to keep all the brew-making equipment in one place, and for me, the winning feature is the close-fitting foam storage for the various items in the kit. Driving around on rough roads inevitably damages equipment, and this coffee set is too good to be scratched and dinted. Add your desired strength of coffee grounds to the plunger and pour on boiling water for a great cup of coffee, and we also successfully used it for making tea, which adds to its versatility. The plunger is not stovetop or microwave friendly.

The Deluxe Coffee Kit is available at good camping suppliers and on the MSA 4x4 Accessories website for $230. 

MSA Premium Cutlery Pack

Also fitting in smoothly with our storage bags is this MSA 4x4 Premium Cutlery Pack, which combines the various MSA kitchenware products into one handy package. Packed into a neat and heavy-duty 340gm canvas pack is every utensil you need for cooking and serving meals for up to six diners. 

All the pieces are made of quality food-grade materials and have distinctive MSA branding. The kit combines MSA’s utensils, cutlery items, and cooking knife sets with a bamboo cutting board. It is designed to fit into the MSA 4x4 drawer system along with a small bag or the MSA Deluxe Coffee Kit.

On the preparation side, you get a spatula, serving spoon, a pair of tongs, and a set of three black Teflon-coated stainless-steel knives with hardened plastic sleeves. The handy bamboo cutting board fits in the bag and comes coated with food-grade oil, creating a higher level of hygiene, surface protection, and product longevity. The cutlery set has six stainless steel knives, forks, tablespoons, and teaspoons finished in a durable black PVD coating.

The kit has a distinctive look, a high quality feel, and the bag gives the impression that it’s going to last for ages, keeping all your cooking equipment in one handy place. It’s available at good camping suppliers and on the MSA 4x4 Accessories website for $167.


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