Wonderland RV XTR 1906 reviewed at Caravan of the Year 2024 presented by MSA 4x4 Accessories

Wonderland RV XTR 1906 reviewed at Caravan of the Year 2024 presented by MSA 4x4 Accessories

With stunning looks, great attention to detail and masterful engineering the Wonderland RV XTR 1906 couples van impressed the COTY judges.


Build quality 

There’s a stigma around timber-framed caravans, but not when the Wonderland XTR 1906 is assembled with the engineering wizardry of a sculpture artist. Made from 19mm construction-grade ply, the frame is CNC cut and interlocks together like a jigsaw puzzle. So too do the other core elements, including the cabinetry, providing enhanced rigidity and structural integrity on Australia’s gnarly backroads.

The XTR 1906 sits on the toughest undercarriage money can buy — a 12in hot-dipped, galvanised truss chassis with disc brakes and Cruisemaster ATX Level 3 Airbag Wireless suspension with a rating of 4.5T. If this beast comes undone on the corrugations, Tim van Duyl will eat his hat.

The roof, front and rear are made from single piece 35mm composite sandwich panel, and the floor is a robust honeycomb polypropylene (PP) construction. The exterior is clad in DIBOND marine-grade composite and overlaid with 850mm-high checkerplate. Inside, the soft-close cabinetry is fashioned from high-pressure gloss laminate, with matte-black catches and tapware and THINSCAPE stone waterfall benchtops. The overall result is a couples caravan that’s both durable and stylish. With a tare of 2940kg, the XTR 1906 comes with a massive 1560kg payload when towed by a vehicle with a 4.5T towing capacity. This reduces to 560kg for lighter vehicles with a 3.5T maximum pull.


The XTR 1906 is built for indoor and outdoor living with comfort and convenience top of mind. The rear door layout features a forward north–south island bed, flanked by large oversized windows, a mid kitchen featuring a leatherette cafe dinette with fold-out table and extendable footrests, and a rear ensuite with wall-mounted washing machine and composting toilet. 

I’m loving seeing the addition of coat hooks at the entrance to caravans, together with handy storage pouches. This isn’t a caravan that wants for storage; the kitchen has eight drawers of varying sizes as well as two slide-out pantry racks and yet more overhead cupboards. There’s a granite sink with a tall gooseneck tap and filtered water, 274L compressor fridge, microwave and a full-size oven and gas cooktop. I personally prefer recessed stoves to maximise bench space (the stone benchtop in this van is too heavy for a drop-down top), but there’s nevertheless plenty of preparation space on the bench.

The bedroom has overhead cupboards, reading lights, mirrored wardrobes with bedside niches, ample USB and 240V charging points, drawers and floor cupboards. There’s a large underbed storage compartment that’s also accessible from a small cupboard door on the bed base. A Dometic FreshJet Pro air-conditioner, Sirocco fans and diesel heater make the climate comfortable, while a CaraFan dust reduction system helps keep the internals clean.

Outside, there’s a powder-coated slide-out kitchen with induction cooktop, sink and space for a barbecue (twin gas bottles are on the drawbar), while toolbox slide-outs provide the option for an outdoor fridge and generator. Under the awning, you’ll find an external bracket for the 24in TV and a small picnic table. The far tunnel boot (with lighting) provides more storage space, complemented by a bumper bar firewood box and two jerry can holders. There’s also an outdoor shower for washing off the day’s grit (powered by a Swift gas/electric hot water system) and a grey water bypass.



One of the coolest things about the Wonderland XTR 1906 is how it can be plated with an ATM of anywhere between 3500kg and 4500kg due to its suspension, coupling and chain ratings. 

I bring that up as with the higher rating, you have a 1560kg payload that’s just insane, but with it comes the need to tow it with a truck like an Isuzu NPS or US truck like the RAM 1500 we had. 

If you kept the ATM light, you could get away with a large SUV or a V6 Ford Ranger, but your payload will be around the 600kg mark which is not enough when the tanks and fridge are full. Plate it high and the US trucks are the go. My personal pick would be a GMSV 2500HD

To be able to handle that flexibility you have to have quality components and chassis and the XTR 1906 has both with Cruisemaster’s finest ATX upgraded with disc brakes and a locally made S&M truss chassis.

Out on our test loop, we knew the XTR 1906 was there; it moved with the undulations and bumps in the average roads around Victoria’s Bellarine Peninsula, but it never had us feeling uncomfortable or worried. For a big offroad van, it towed well. 


This was the second van I’ve sampled with an EcoFlow power system and again, it impressed. The 48V system will have reduced weight by around 30–40kg and its app is simple to use. 

With 1000W of 48V solar panels, the 5kW/h battery will easily stay topped up on sunny days and its 3600W inverter/charger will run most household appliances without fuss. Short of firing up a power-hungry Weber Pulse, there is nothing that will challenge this system. 

The Nature’s Head composting toilet was a great addition. It should offer around a month of use before it needs to be cleaned out, meaning water and food are likely what you’ll run out of first when camping remotely.

The 200L of freshwater and separate 70L drinking tanks should give you a week to ten days and if you showered less or took a dip in a river, you might eke out two weeks. The fitted grey tank is 100L, which should give you a week in a national park. 

All up, the XTR 1906 is set up for you to do a week to ten days off-grid with ease. If that is not more than enough, you must be some Bear Grylls type person or better suited to a hotel, which this van emulates almost perfectly. 


Value for money

Monetary value becomes a little hard to judge when the van costs $169,990. That said, when Wonderland builds the caravan, you can be sure it’s packed with features and has a high level of appointment. 

Although Wonderland uses a timber frame, it’s not done in the usual ‘sticks’ style but rather using more expensive structural grade ply timber sheeting that is CNC cut and interlocked together. It’s all part of the ‘Wonderwall’ structure for the body. Like the bodywork, all the internal cabinetry is CNC machine cut too. That results in an interior finish that is not only very well put together but has a very classy look.

In addition to a very spacious interior, the list of inclusions is very impressive. To mention just a few: Cruisemaster ATX Level 3 Airbag Wireless suspension, disc brakes, marine grade composite cladding, diesel heater, 200L of freshwater capacity, a 48V lithium LiFePO4 battery, twin lens reversing camera and a Cruisemaster DO45 hitch.

The XTR 1906 is very much built for an offroad/off-grid lifestyle and for a couple who like to travel in a luxury style throughout this wide and wonderful land.


Built for the offroad lifestyle, the XTR 1906 is not so much individual innovative items but an overall package that comes together very well. The components used for off-grid living are part of that. For instance, cassette toilets are very common but limiting in many ways. Wonderland has a composting toilet as standard, which reduces the need for regular cassette emptying. Where it can be used, the grey water tank has a bypass.

Slightly less innovative is the fact that the XTR 1906 will require a heavy-duty tow vehicle, one with a tow rating at least 4000kg or greater. But I’m not being picky because a number of manufacturers have the same problem. 

The electrical components are well suited for offroad travel. The 416Ah lithium LiFePO4 battery operates at 48V, reducing voltage drop issues and there’s plenty of solar panel capacity (1000W). Included in the electrical gear is a 5kW EcoFlow Power Kit. It’s a 48V ‘plug-and-play’ arrangement whereby all inputs (batteries, solar panels, mains connection and generator) and outputs simply plug in and the system is ready to go. Simple assembly reduces the risk of mistakes and fault tracing becomes much easier. 

Similar to the electrics, the rest of the van is very well put together and is a good proposition for those who enjoy luxury caravan travel. 


Suitability for intended touring

Wonderland calls its XTR range the pinnacle of offroad caravanning and the XTR 1906 is a well-equipped rear-door van in the popular 19ft size aimed at couples who expect the best. High equipment levels and a superb electronics package bring the dazzle, and a top-of-line suspension under a 12in truss chassis extends your travel options to harder-to-reach destinations.

Like any van of this size, it’s not meant for extreme offroad travel, but owners should confidently traverse miles of corrugated roads when driving in these conditions with reduced speed and suitable lower tyre pressures. 

Standard features include Cruisemaster’s 4.5T XT suspension. Still, the review van upped the ante with an ATX remote control airbag system and a Cruisemaster DO45 hitch, which allows a 4500kg ATM if you have a suitable higher-rated tow vehicle. 

The impressive EcoFlow power system is highlighted elsewhere here. It’s enough to keep you off-grid for as long as you like with judicious use, and you have to love the ability to run the air conditioner and cooking appliances from the 3600W inverter. 

Storage options abound, and the 274L compressor fridge will keep plenty of food fresh and drinks cold.

Customer care

Wonderland RV is a family-owned company dedicated to looking after its customers. Workmanship, materials and structural integrity are covered for three years to the original purchaser for recreational use. Items such as appliances, awnings, axles, chassis and the hot water system have their own warranty. Still, the Wonderland customer care team will help with the timely repair of such equipment with the relevant supplier.

The warranty document is concise and easy to understand. It references state and federal legislation but does not have the mandatory wording about Australian Consumer Law.

We believe that Wonderland’s customer care is exemplary, so it would be good to see the document include all aspects of the caravan build and expand on the Australian Consumer Law mandatory statement.


From the outside, the XTR 1906 has all the right signs. It’s a serious offroad van. At the same time, it retains a conservative edge with understated graphics and a well-balanced, high-riding overall look. All the right offroader details are there though, with the heavy-duty truss chassis on show and a selection of practical tool and wood boxes fitted to the front and back.

Every time you step inside a Wonderland caravan, be prepared for a pleasant surprise. Stunning looks and great attention to detail complement the masterful engineering for a combination of form and function that demands attention.

A Wonderland is a premium caravan with a price tag representing this exclusivity and setting the brand apart.

The selection of interior colours within the XTR 1906 is spot-on, and the finish of the upholstery and joinery is superb. The Wonderland team goes to the extent of having a stylist match your Manchester to your chosen colour pallet and have an uncanny knack for producing a knockout visual impact.

Under the skin is the engineering ability to boast about in camp because it can cover many tough miles without fuss. Then there’s the high-end electronics package that will keep the van running on renewable power for years to come.



Overall length 8.14m (26ft 8in)
External body length 6.02m (19ft 8in)
Internal body length 5.99m (19ft 6in)
External body width 2.48m (8ft 1in)
Travel height 3.15m (10ft 4in)
Internal height 1.98m (6ft 6in)
Tare 2940kg
ATM 4500kg as seen (range is 3500kg–4500kg)
Payload 1560kg as seen (range is 560kg–1560kg)
Ball weight 220kg
Ball weight at tare 7.5% (calculated)


Frame CAD designed and CNC router cut 19mm structural grade ply, 35mm composite sandwich panel roof, front and rear, honeycomb polypropylene floor
Side cladding DIBOND marine grade aluminium composite in dark grey metallic
Chassis S&M 12in Hot Dip galvanised truss chassis made from Australian RHS steel
Suspension Cruisemaster 4.5T ATX Level 3 Airbag Wwireless
Coupling Cruisemaster DO45
Brakes Disc brakes with 1600 PSI Actuator
Wheels Grid Black 16in 265/75R16 BFGoodrich K02 6x139 ET0
Water 2 x 100L freshwater, 1 x 70L drinking water, 1 x 100L grey water
Battery 416Ah/5kWh battery, EcoFlow 48V Power Kit
Inverter 3600W inverter/charger
Solar 1000W
Air-conditioner Dometic FreshJet Pro
Gas 2 x 4.5kg
Sway control N/A
Cooking Slide-out kitchen with induction cooktop, sink and barbecue stand
Fridge Engel outdoor fridge


Cooking Swift gas oven and four-burner cooktop
Microwave NCE flatbed
Fridge 274L Thetford compressor
Bathroom Full shower and Nature’s Head composting toilet
Washing machine 3kg wall mounted
Hot water Swift gas/electric hot water unit

Wonderland RV XTR 1906 price from $153,408


  • Cruisemaster ATX Level 3 Airbag Wireless suspension
  • Cruisemaster DO45 and chains
  • Disc brakes
  • Woodbox
  • EcoFlow 48V Electric system under lounge
  • 416Ah/5kWh battery
  • 1000W solar x 24V solar
  • 3600W inverter/charger
  • 2 x 60A solar regs
  • 2 x Sirocco fans
  • K4 Plus: External slide-out kitchen with Weber provision and sink
  • THINSCAPE benchtop
  • Black screen frame
  • Full oven, gas
  • 274L Thetford compressor fridge
  • Grey water bypass
  • Diesel heater
  • Black granite sink bowl
  • Three-way black tap
  • 2 x extra fillers

Wonderland RV XTR 1906 price as seen $169,990


Wonderland RV 
46 Lara Way
Campbellfield Vic 3061
P: 03 8692 0032
E: sales@wonderlandrv.com.au


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