Wonderland RV 2200 XTR reviewed at Caravan of the Year 2023

Wonderland RV 2200 XTR reviewed at Caravan of the Year 2023 - Caravan World Australia

Tim van Duyl - Caravan World Creative Director

After having chauffeured an XTR across three states and having towed a few more Wonderland RVs around Victoria, I reckon I have the knowledge to suggest they hit the mark for what they are designed to do. 

In this XTR 2200’s case, its role is to take a family anywhere without the fear of running out of power or a worry about its reliability. From the tyres to the tip of the digital TV antenna, this van has been built without compromise. Yes, it has come out weighty and you will need a big US truck to haul it, but it has a fit and finish that rivals upscale apartments and a build to outlast the worst corrugations you could tow it over.

The move to more subtle graphics and manchester combinations have taken the luxurious feel of the latest Wonderland RVs to a whole new level. 

John Ford - Caravan World Editor-At-Large

The XTR is a big family van with expectations that it can journey off-grid for extended stays with a family, and that puts big pressure on the power and water supplies. Wonderland chose an Enerdrive system for its reliability, safety and performance. It’s a proven package that works effortlessly and provides a sensible amount of power. Up top, 1680W of solar feeds three 300Ah B-Tec batteries through Enerdrive’s MPPT charger/3000W inverter and a monitoring system compatible with a mobile phone to check system condition. 

Combined with a Ebespacher diesel combi heater, you only need gas for the barbecue and even then, the decent size inverter means you could opt for an electric-only solution. Water will potentially be a problem with any family in the bush because it adds to weight when travelling. So, the 65L dedicated drinking water tank makes sense and another 265L for general purposes isn’t bad. 

When dealing with the needs of a family off-grid, I like the composting toilet for its ease of use and environmental benefits. 

The XTR is the premium package in the Wonderland range, and it shows. Presentation is an important ingredient of the buying process, and you can’t help being wowed by the look of the van inside and out. And it’s not all show. 

From the neatly finished and well-engineered S&M truss chassis to the single-piece roof, the Wonderland team insists things are done properly. Wonderland is a boutique builder out to rationalise the high buy price with high-end finishes and durability. They go the extra mile to ensure the CNC ‘Wonderwall’ construction stays weatherproof, but with this manner of construction regular servicing is essential. The interior material choice, colours and hardware all fit the high-end customer expectations. 

Appliances are all quality; the new style flat windows suit the modern theme and the composite flat floor allows for a versatile layout and the best use of space. The Cruisemaster ATX suspension is top-level equipment, and the composting toilet is efficient and a sensible inclusion in an off-grid family touring van.

With 10 years of production under its belt, Wonderland has established a solid reputation for looking after buyers. The Cruisemaster suspension and the S&M chassis have a five-year warranty, while the van structure of the body and furniture are covered for three years. A dedicated staff member takes care of any warranty issues and directs customers to a network of repair agents when needed. 

Allison Watt - Caravan World Deputy Editor

At just shy of $250,000, the Wonderland was the most expensive caravan we judged at this year’s Caravan of the Year awards. Add to that the cost of a big US truck such as a Chev or a Ram — which is what you will need to tow it — and you’re looking at a rig that is nudging half a million dollars.

But for that money, you won’t be left wanting for anything. The Wonderland has high-end off-grid capability, a quality finish and all the creature comforts that you’d need to live comfortably on the road indefinitely.

That sort of money is out of reach for a lot of folks, particularly in a challenging economic climate. COVID gifted us with many lessons about how we live and work, and many families made the decision to sell up, leave the suburbs and the 9-5 office job and embrace the lure of the Big Lap — including working and home-schooling on the road. If your caravan is your home and you are living the dream, then the cost seems justified.

There’s nothing subtle about the Wonderland — it’s a van that wants to turn heads wherever it goes, but its flashy looks are backed up by a quality build and high-end features.

This is a big roomy family van that oozes quality inside and outside, with all the appliances and offroad capability you will need to explore the great outdoors in a high level of comfort.

And if two kitchen sinks — inside and outside — aren’t enough for washing up at the end of a meal, just pop the dishes in the dishwasher and put your feet up for the rest of the night.

Malcolm Street - Caravan World Field Editor

Wonderland RV’s XTR2200 is a big van. Having an external body length of 6.76m (22ft 2in), a tare mass of 3340kg and an ATM of 4500kg, it’s no small towing proposition, and for any prospective van purchaser, that's a serious consideration. Any vehicle with a maximum towing mass of 3500kg is out of contention, so something like a RAM 2500 Laramie with a 4500kg towing mass is a much better consideration. When hitched up, the XTR220 towed in a mostly well-behaved manner — something to be expected with a tow vehicle like the RAM 2500. The disc brakes fitted to the Cruisemaster ATX air bag suspension work well.

Something to keep in mind with a towing combination like this is that the length of the towing combination is over 14m (46ft) and has to be considered when negotiating everything from tight turns along bush tracks to the driveways of city service stations where there’s often not much manoeuvring room. I’m used to handling big motorhomes, but the articulated combination does take a little getting used to.

For a family, the XTR has much to offer. The layout looks like a standard front bed/rear bathroom arrangement but differs slightly. For instance, the north-south island bed fills the entire front area with no side walkways. Sure, there’s a lack of one wardrobe but the trade-off is a much broader and more comfortable bed. I like the large windows in the front bedroom, but the double-tiered arrangement offers almost the same area but is better from a security point of view. The lower window can be closed at night, but the top window is left wide open without too much of a problem.

I don't know whether it reflects future trends, but the kitchen, complete with an induction hob, has a reasonably sized dishwater. Is that easier than getting the junior members to do the washing up? The kitchen bench area isn't huge but has a very generous amount of storage space.

A more definite trend seen in a few bunk vans with bathrooms is to leave the bathroom area open and facing the bunks. It’s a good space perception idea but I suspect the concertina curtain across the bathroom area will get some use!

A benefit of the front bed arrangement is that it allows for an extended external storage area underneath. Or rather two, because there's the regular tunnel storage and a wider area that will easily take all the usual camping items and a few recreational ones. Towball weight might be a consideration. 

Wonderland RV 2200 XTR specs


Overall length 9.1m (29ft 10in)
External body length 6.76m (22ft 2in)
External body width  2.48m (8ft 1in)
Travel height 3.2m (10ft 5in)
Internal height 1.98m (6ft 5in)
Tare 3340kg
ATM 4500kg
Payload 1160kg (calculated)
Ball weight 280kg


Structure Structural grade ply walls, CAD designed, CNC router cut interlocking
Cladding DIBOND composite
Chassis 12in Truss Chassis in a black powder coat
Suspension 4.5T Cruisemaster XT AIR L3 Wireless
Coupling DO35
Brakes Drum brakes
Wheels 265/75R16 BF Goodrich KO2
Water 2 x 100L freshwater tanks, 1 x 65L dedicated drinking water tank, 1 x 100L grey water tank
Battery 1 x 450Ah lithium battery, 3000W Inverter, Redarc Redvision Battery Management System
Solar Standard: 5 x 200W solar panels
Air-conditioner Dometic Ibis 4
Gas 2 x 8kg
Sway control Dexter Stability Control


Cooking Swift mini grill and gas burners
Fridge Dometic compressor 188L
Microwave 23L
Bathroom Shower and Thetford toilet
Washing machine  Yes
Hot water Swift gas/electric

Wonderland RV 2200 XTR price from $164,810.92


  • King-sized bed and mattress
  • Thinscape compressed laminate benchtop material
  • Dometic CaraD door 1850
  • Dual bedroom windows (4 x 900x450)
  • Extra 65L freshwater tank
  • Full one-piece 35mm composite roof from front floor to rear floor
  • 39mm composite floor
  • Custom Fusion Audio Fusion Ra770
    • 4ch Amplifier
    • Subwoofer 10in
    • 8.8in Signature Speakers
    • Erx 400i Ent Remote
  • 4.5T Cruisemaster ATX Air L3 Wireless
  • Disc brakes
  • 18in Roh 285/70r18 wheels and tyres
  • Single wood box
  • DO45 Cruisemaster recessed and 4.5T chains
  • iSi quad front bike rack
  • Enerdrive Simarine W 5 tank module
  • Dual solar regulator
  • 3000W Inverter Combi Enerdrive
  • 3 x 300Ah Enerdrive Drive B-Tec batteries
  • 8 x 210W solar panels (1680W total)
  • 28in Smart TV
  • 4 x Sirocco Fans
  • CaraFan Dust Reduction System
  • K4 Plus Weber and barbecue provision, induction and black sink
  • Eberspacher Hydroplate diesel heater and hot water unit
  • Safiery dual induction hob
  • Dishwasher
  • OGO composting toilet

Wonderland RV 2200 XTR price as shown $246,990


Wonderland RV
P: (03) 9357 8885
E: sales@wonderlandrv.com.au 


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