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Gear review: FireChef Leather Knife Roll by OZ Braai

Written by: Amelia Mansell; Photographer: Capture Factory


A good set of knives is an essential bit of gear when you're camping — and this leather knife roll is a great way to keep your blades safe.

During a trip to Wappan Station in Victoria alongside three of Legend Caravans’ electric vans (the Groundbreaker Ultimate and two Trackline Hybrid models), I had the chance to check out the FireChef Leather Knife Roll, made by local company OZ Braai.

After trekking our way to a particularly picturesque spot overlooking Lake Eildon, we set ourselves up for a completely candid breakfast photoshoot, which is when this knife roll came in handy. 

The leather case is high quality and made from 100 per cent Crazy Horse Leather — a premium quality natural cowhide that has a more rustic appearance, showcasing the bumps and different hues rather than offering a smooth, polished exterior. It gave the roll an authentic feel that fit right in with our impromptu caravan setup in the rolling hills of the cattle station, and the leather had a soft, natural feel which I appreciated. The buckles are a nice touch, adding to the pleasant rustic aesthetic while also ensuring you can secure the roll tightly depending on how many knives are inside. The one downside is that they can be somewhat fiddly, which might not suit less nimble hands. 

The FireChef Leather Knife Roll has pockets to safely store five knives – the Chef’s Cleaver, Chef’s Knife, Chef’s Machete, Chef’s Petty and FireChef’s latest addition, the Chef’s Fillet. The leather roll can be purchased separately from the OZ Braai's hand-forged knives, which gives you the opportunity to buy the knives you need and add more to the collection as you go. The quality knives are created one solid piece of carbon steel, ensuring the perfect cut every time. 

We didn’t cook anything fancier than bacon and egg rolls during our photoshoot, so I didn’t get the chance to test the limits of the knives – but they certainly sliced bacon with ease. If the quality of the roll is any indication, it will fulfil its intended purposes by keeping the knives sharp and safely tucked away.

The FireChef Leather Knife Roll would make a great gift idea for any campers or outdoor enthusiasts, and is available to purchase through the new Caravan World store for a recommended retail price of $239. If you'd like to purchase the complete bundle or the individual knives, head to the OZ Braai website.


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