Introducing the inaugural Australia’s Best Hybrids event

Introducing the inaugural Australia’s Best Hybrids event - Caravan World Australia

Hybrids are a rapidly growing segment in the RV industry, and a selection of the industry’s best and most innovative will be on display at the inaugural Australia’s Best Hybrids 2024 presented by Tough Dog 4WD Suspension, which will be taking place from 23–28 November in idyllic Merimbula, NSW.   

A middle ground between caravans and camper trailers, hybrids are becoming a popular choice for Aussies who want a compact unit that can be towed virtually anywhere and that emphasises external living. The market has heard the demand, and there are more hybrids than ever joining the ranks of RVS touring this beautiful country.

As a direct result, Australia’s Best Hybrids was created. Caravan of the Year and Camper Trailer of the Year remain popular and successful, but this new event creates a much-needed opportunity for hybrids to be considered as a separate category, and thus help consumers find a product that best suits their adventuring needs.

While there is no complete definition of a hybrid, we’ve nominated five typical factors for this competition: size (compact length, width and height), weight (under 2500kg), a general focus on external living (external kitchen and fridge); construction method (lack of canvas walls); and a design focussed on offroad driving (single axle and offroad suspension).

The NRMA Merimbula Beach Holiday Resort will be the gracious hosts for the 2024 event, and over the course of six days the 10 entrants will be thoroughly tested by a panel of judges, with each hybrid vying for the coveted title of ‘Australia’s Best Hybrid’.

Not only for review online or in the Caravan World magazine, the ABH Showcase day offers a chance to view innovation while chatting to the manufacturers directly. Visitors are welcomed to view the hybrids on Saturday 25 November 2023 at the NRMA Merimbula Beach Holiday Resort between 10am and 2pm. Entry is free and plenty of parking is available at onsite.  

The 2024 Australia’s Best Hybrids entrants 

There is an exciting lineup of manufacturers ready to showcase their best hybrids at the premiere Australia’s Best Hybrids presented by Tough Dog 4WD Suspension event, so let’s dive into who will be there: 

Arctic Campers

Arctic Campers is proud to be one of Australia’s fastest growing brands of hybrid caravans and campers. Every model in Arctic’s diverse range is designed to navigate tough terrains with ease, while the carefully designed internal and external layouts optimise comfort, functionality and style. And with independent suspension, a grey water tank and external shower included in ever hybrid caravan and camper, owners will be ready to head off on unforgettable off-grid adventures.

“Our hybrids are the perfect choice for those seeking flexibility and convenience of a top caravan, but with better manoeuvrability and fuel economy during your big lap adventure!” 

Bluewater Campers

If you’re looking for a great camper trailer or hybrid to get you and your family offroad and off-grid, then Bluewater Campers has you covered. Bluewater Campers is part of the Eagle Outdoors Group, an Australian-owned and operated company established in 1975. The team at Bluewater Campers is dedicated to designing and manufacturing premium quality, great value offroad camper trailers and hybrids that can tackle Australia’s toughest conditions. 

“We guarantee that we have a model to suit your needs, from our outstanding forward folds to our extensive hybrid range.”

To explore Bluewater Campers range of offroad models, head to its website or check out its entrant at the ABH Showcase on 25 November 2023 at the NRMA Merimbula Beach Holiday Resort. 

Cub Campers

(Image Cam Inniss)

Cub Campers has a long-established history of building camper trailers since the Fagan family first opened the doors in 1968. Cub continues to be a family-owned business, now spanning over three generations. 

Proudly Australian-made in NSW from the very beginning, Cub has evolved over its 55 years in the industry and continues to manufacture high-quality camper trailers but has more recently turned its attention to producing caravans that bear the same quality that Cub is known for. In late 2022, Cub released its first luxury hybrid caravan, the C16, which became a standout in the market for its luxury features and offroading capabilities, and recently won a 2023 Good Design Award for Product Design in the Automotive and Transport Category.  

Shane Fagan, Cub Managing Director, comments, "Cub has always been a big part of my life and now it's my job to build for the next generation of camper trailer and caravan owners. We are proud of our past and Australian-made heritage and are excited to continue to bring the latest innovations and technologies to the self-drive touring market”. Backed by over 55 years’ experience in the industry, Cub ensures each unit is built to withstand on and offroad adventures in Australia's toughest conditions allowing Cub's proud owners to travel confidently into some of Australia's most remote locations.

Exodus Off Road

(Image Cam Inniss)

Exodus Off Road was established in the early 1990s and began its journey manufacturing Australian-made soft floor camper trailers. The company has continued to grow and evolve since then, and has received many awards for its camper designs, manufacturing quality, and retail and dealer services. Over the years Exodus has shifted its focus to expanding upon its hybrid camper trailers. “We’re proud to offer Australian-made camper trailers and hybrids constructed with the highest-quality materials. With Exodus Off Road, no terrain is off limits.”

Check out Exodus Off Road’s latest model at the 2024 ABH Showcase. 

Fantasy Caravan

Fantasy Caravan is excited to announce its participation in the 2024 Australia’s Best Hybrids presented by Tough Dog. Head over to the ABH Showcase day on 25 November to check out Fantasy Caravans’ latest hybrid model. 

The company was founded in 2018 by the reputed team behind Big Man Trailers in Moorabbin, Victoria. The expert team sought to diversify into the self-drive touring market, and Fantasy Caravans now features a fleet of caravans, hybrids and camper trailers to entice Aussie outdoor enthusiasts. 

“Whether your ultimate adventure is coastal touring, beach to beach or venturing down every 4WD track in search of tranquillity, our offroad hybrids will take you there. When it comes to free camping in Australia, having a top-quality Fantasy Caravan in tow ensures your outdoor adventure is truly unbound.” 

Great Aussie Caravans

(Image John Hughes)

Great Aussie Caravans is an award-winning leading Australian caravan manufacturer with a decade-long history building vans for the Australian traveller. Notably the company offers three build options to all customers — 100 per cent timber-free caravans, aluminium framed caravans with 100 per cent timber-free walls, roof and floor, or traditional meranti framed caravans. 

The extensive range of Great Aussie Caravans includes motorhomes, hybrids, extreme offroad caravans and lightweight touring vans, ensuring there is something for every kind of traveller. The Great Aussie team has decades of experience in manufacturing, testing and most importantly caravanning, which goes towards creating premium quality RVs ready to explore Australia’s tough terrains. And the team assures that “when you purchase a Great Aussie you become part of the family.”  

Great Aussie Caravans is proud to be a part of the first-ever Australia’s Best Hybrids presented by Tough Dog competition and welcomes the public to come see its latest hybrid at the public Showcase day.  

Mars Campers

Established in 2006, Mars Campers is going strong as an Australian-owned and operated company that is proud to produce caravans, hybrids and camper trailers that deliver both great quality and exceptional value. All units are built in Australia using locally sourced and imported components and are ready to handle adventures on and off the road.  

All models in Mars’ large fleet offer a luxurious travel experience, are fully offroad capable and are completely customisable – ensuring every owner hits the road with a Mars camper or caravan that is suited to their needs. “Choose from any one of our standard designs or custom create your own layout – the journey begins at Mars Campers.”

Prime Campers

With more than 10 years of excellence in the industry, Prime Campers shares the love for camping and outdoor adventures with its many customers and is dedicated to designing hybrid and hardtop caravans that are affordable, simple to use and enhance camping experiences. 

The team uses the latest technology to create a fully insulated caravan with a timber-free construction, as well as the latest electronics that makes for an easy set-up and worry-free camping experience. “Whether you are a couple or a family of six, we have a caravan that will suit your needs, and also carefully select our package options and a range of accessories that add value to a product that already exceeds compliance and safety standards nationally.” 

Prime Campers’ focus is to build relationships with its customers beyond the delivery of the van and loves to hear back from owners about their adventures throughout Australia and receive feedback to help the team to continue improving its products or services. Check out Prime Camper’s display at the 2024 ABH Showcase day or call in to the Adelaide or Brisbane offices and speak to the team about their fleet of adventure-ready vans. 

Signature Camper Trailers

Signature Camper Trailers has been evolving since 2016 and is becoming one of Australia’s most trusted and respected camper trailer and hybrid caravan manufacturers. Signature’s head office and production facility are based in Sydney, and the company has dealerships around Australia and New Zealand, meaning countless Signature Campers are out exploring the best parts of these beautiful countries. 

Signature’s campers and hybrids utilise the highest quality components and materials, and with company partnerships that include REDARC, Enerdrive, Cruisemaster, Tough Dog, Webasto and Dometic, the units are not only competitively priced but are also packed with the best gear available in Australia and New Zealand.  

Swag Off-Road Campers

Swag Off-Road Campers has been building camper trailers for Australian outdoor enthusiasts since 2008 and its very latest model from the sixth Generation Hybrid SCT range will be on display at the 2024 ABH Showcase day in Merimbula. Swag’s offroad range is built using the latest in composite technologies used globally, and offer an easy to tow, lightweight, simple setup and flexibility with some minor custom options available. 

The team behind Swag assure their customers that they will continue to work with their Australian-based componentry partners to harness the latest technology globally and adapt it to their designs. “We are committed to delivering a quality product at an affordable price so people can explore Australia and create life-long memories with family and friends.”


Keep an eye out for all the upcoming content about Australia's Best Hybrids 2024 presented by Tough Dog 4WD Suspension, from behind the scenes insights through to the expert reviews. 

In the meantime, start planning your freedom on the open road now!


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