Snowy River SRT-19 reviewed at Caravan of the Year 2024 presented by MSA 4x4 Accessories

Snowy River SRT-19 reviewed at Caravan of the Year 2024 presented by MSA 4x4 Accessories

Customers of Snowy River Caravans have been asking for a more rugged offroad version, and it has delivered with the multi-terrain SRT-19.



Value for money

In the years since the brand was introduced in 2015, Snowy River Caravans has garnered a loyal following and not just because of its keen price. Customers recognise the robust build quality of a composite body with aluminium strengthening for components like windows and doors. In the absence of an offroad version, many owners have dragged their supposedly on-road Snowy River vans into many places a touring van shouldn’t venture without mishap, so the overall construction has proven to be sound.

Customers have been asking for a more rugged offroad version, and Snowy River has finally delivered with this SRT-19, featuring a revised chassis and new independent trailing arm suspension. 

The new multi-terrain SRT-19 doesn’t oversell itself on branding, but the look and design of the new underpinnings suggest adventure travel, at least on our badly corrugated outback roads with sensible speeds and reduced tyre pressure. I’m not suggesting Queensland’s Old Telegraph Track, but the SRT-19 will find many remote places that a mid-spec offroader will travel.

With a starting price of $83,990, it will win over plenty of new owners. The van at our event had a set of scrub bars which took the cost to $85,290. Most owners will opt for an inverter because the 200Ah of battery and 540W of solar already installed suggest a level of self-sufficiency that would run a coffee machine, air fryer and probably the air con. A 3000W inverter costs $3900, including installation, so we are still under the $90k barrier. That’s impressive.


The original Snowy River launch was supported by experienced staff from the heritage Regent Caravans brand, who delivered layouts that Australian buyers had embraced for many years. So, the rear entry and front bedroom design of the first 19ft versions was familiar, and it still works in this latest version.

Up front, the walkaround bed has straightforward access and big windows on each side, which add to a light-filled and well-ventilated interior. An L-shaped dinette on the driver’s side has ample room for a couple — maybe three — to relax in an evening, and the upholstery was firm but comfortable.

The 175L Thetford compressor fridge should hold enough for a travelling couple, and there are decent storage options for supplies and clothing. 

I would prefer a full oven for more extended travel over the cooktop and griller, but it’s on the comprehensive options list offered by Snowy River and shouldn’t break the bank. The LED strip lighting, black tapware and square black sink bring a contemporary vibe, so there’s no argument about the van’s interior aesthetic. It looks sharp, with less and less of the imported feel for each new model.

Down the back is a sensible-sized ensuite with easy access and decent room to move at the driver-side toilet and a well-finished moulded single-piece shower opposite. A washing machine is standard, and most owners will appreciate this when on the road for extended travel.

The new, more rugged Snowy River SRT-19 might not break any new ground for interior design, but everything is in place for comfortable living and ease of access.



Snowy River’s SRT-19 has an external length of 5.76m (18ft 10in). A good size for a tandem axle caravan with a tare mass of 2634kg. On the road, it was well-behaved behind our Ford Ranger tow vehicle, and it wasn’t a difficult towing prospect at all. No doubt, the ride quality is helped by the independent coil suspension and the gooseneck drawbar that maintains good towball height, as well as the overall towing setup that includes the Cruisemaster DO35 hitch.

With an ATM rating of 3500kg, the SRT-19 has a generous payload of 866kg. I suspect that most folk would have difficulty using all that, even with the two 95L freshwater tanks and single 95L grey water tank. Which is no bad thing in my opinion. It’s always good have a decent bit of reserve capacity. 

The SRT-19 is a good consideration for long-distance touring. Passenger comfort is something to remember when selecting a tow vehicle — not all are created equal. 

There’s quite a selection of tow vehicles that would suit this caravan but as usual there are several things to keep in mind. One is the actual loading of the caravan, and another is the loading of the tow vehicle. Exceeding one or the other may well exceed the gross vehicle mass (GVM). 


The Snowy River SRT-19 van at COTY 2024 was a multi-terrain version rather than a road tourer. This means that in addition to features like the independent coil suspension and the Dometic dust reduction system, the off-grid capability is also enhanced.

Included in the electrical systems are two 100Ah lithium LiFePO4 batteries, three 180W solar panels, and a Projecta PM300 power management system. There isn’t an inverter or a diesel heater, but a retrofit wouldn’t be difficult in either case. 

The fridge is an efficient, 175L compressor model, thus reducing battery drain. Neither the LED lighting nor the 12V water pump will be a huge load on the battery. Both the cooktop/grill and instantaneous water heater are LPG fired, and there are two 9kg gas cylinders on the drawbar to cope with those. The two freshwater tanks are 95L each, and the toilet is a Dometic cassette model.

While the SRT-19 doesn’t have the electrical battery capacity as some of the other vans at COTY this year, its mixture of electrical and LPG appliances means it’s still well set-up for quite a few days of off-grid camping, especially if there are toilet facilities nearby. It’s a nice compromise, not an over-the-top battery/solar system but still a very capable one. 


Customer care

The SRT-19 has a five-year structural warranty and two-year material and parts warranty for gravel roads and mild offroad conditions. Owners are advised to drive to the conditions and to monitor speeds. Appliances have their own warranty according to the manufacturer. The warranty document is easy to read and complies with the wording of Australian Consumer Law. Claims can be lodged via Snowy River’s dedicated customer care team at the Melbourne head office or via a network of 20 dealers across Australia.

Snowy River clearly stipulates the scheduled maintenance requirements needed to maintain the warranty. The manufacturer even provides its servicing checklist, which includes 21 items, such as things like inspecting sealant, gas lines and brake assemblies. This is a great inclusion that is too often absent in warranty documents.

Suitability for intended touring

The SRT-19 has reasonable off-grid capability that will serve touring couples well for several days. The caravan is well-laid out and designed for comfortable indoor and outdoor living, with some nice touches like soft-close cupboards and doors, wireless bedside charging points, a dust reduction system and an in-built water filter. There’s ample provision for water and power, however, to get the most out of the 540W solar and 200Ah lithium batteries, the SRT-19 would benefit from an inverter. Unfortunately, an inverter does not come as standard, and this was the only caravan reviewed in the competition without one.

Where this caravan does well is in its price point as a touring van for couples who stick mostly to the black-top and enjoy the occasional, mild gravel road. Inside, the caravan is spacious, despite its smaller than standard width, with plenty of storage for two. It’s smartly finished with a large benchtop, thanks to the recessed gas cooktop, and the two large bedroom windows provide an abundance natural light. The toolbox accommodates a slide-out barbecue and twin gas bottles nicely, but a bit more external storage for large items like camping tables and chairs would be useful.


Build quality

We first saw a Snowy River SR19 a few years ago where it blew our minds for its contemporary build and low cost and the 2024 multi-terrain SRT-19 was just as impressive.

A proper composite sandwich panel build, done offshore, the ‘T’ in the name adds a level of gravel-road ability and inclusions not seen in the more sedate first release. 

Sitting on Snowy River’s take on independent trailing arm suspension and with a taller, 150mm main chassis rail, the body of the SRT-19 is now high off the ground, a design which required the use of a gooseneck A-frame. Sometimes these can look daft but not here; it looks great and brings the Cruisemaster DO35 coupling to a more manageable height. 

The body of the van is a composite ALOPEX construction with 32mm panels and 25mm x 25mm box alloy to both add support where needed and to help channel power cabling. The floor is 42mm thick for extra strength and all panels use XPS foam for maximum insulation.

Internally, cabinetry is laminated ply and even if it is plain-looking, it’s simple and modern meaning it won’t date like some over-the-top interiors can. The appliances are all household names with a Dometic toilet, Thetford compressor fridge, Projecta BMS and MOBO RV washer. 

Overall, the build is contemporary but not flashy and that’s a good thing, it keeps costs down and the longevity of the design should look good in years to come.

Looking under the SRT-19, it was as good as I have seen in an imported trailer. Every year I say the imports are catching up with locally made products, and I’d say the Snowy SRT-19 has bridged the gap with only a couple of minor things I would ask my dealer to rectify — some missing sealant around a hole and a couple of loose P-Clips would take all of a couple of hours to rectify. 


Snowy River’s caravans are mostly built offshore, and while this does cost local jobs, the brand employs a workforce numbering more than 240 people at its large factory in Somerton, Victoria. Those who can get past the offshore manufacturing will learn that the cost savings are real, and the quality is fast catching up to local builds.

You won’t get the level of customisation a local builder can give you but the savings, I feel, are in the realm of around 30 per cent which is a significant reduction. 

Snowy River’s move to the more offroad oriented model is a big change in the range. The SRT-19 takes what was a great on-road van and adds in the confidence to head to more remote places on gravel roads and into national parks. 


The X-Factor of the Snowy River SRT-19 has to be its value for money. I see Snowys all up the eastern seaboard, almost daily, and the owners I talk to suggest that it is the quality that got them across the line on buying. 

You get a truly modern build with a reasonable feel inside for not a lot of outlay and now with gravel road capability, I expect we’ll all start seeing the SRT-19 range popping up inland too.



Overall length 8.22m (26ft 10in)
External body length 5.76m (18ft 10in)
External body width 2.39m (7ft 8in)
Travel height 3.1m (10ft 2in)
Internal height 1.99m (6ft 5in)
Tare 3500kg
ATM 2634kg
Payload 866kg (calculated)
Ball weight 156kg
Ball weight at tare 5.9% (calculated)


ALOPEX construction, aluminium frame sandwich panels, 32mm walls and 42mm floor
Cladding Fibreglass composite
Chassis DuraGal rectangular hollow sections and painted using an organic zinc-rich silver metallic
Suspension Independent trailing arm coil suspension
Coupling Cruisemaster DO35
Brakes 12 in electric AL-KO
Wheels 245/75/R16 Mud Terrain Tyres
Water 2 x 95L freshwater, 1 x 100L grey water
Battery 2 x 100Ah lithium LiFePO4
Inverter N/A
Solar 3 x 180W
Air-conditioner Telair reverse cycle
Gas 2 x 9kg
Sway control Optional
Cooking Barbecue slide-out


Cooking Mobicool gas/electric cooktop and grill
Microwave 20L Captivating
Fridge Thetford T2175C 175L compressor
Bathroom Separate shower and Dometic cassette toilet
Washing machine MOBO RV
Hot water Instantaneous gas

Snowy River Caravans SRT-19 price from $83,990


  • Scrub bars

Snowy River Caravans SRT-19 price as seen $85,290


Snowy River Caravans
Warehouse 2/24/32 Stanley Drive
Somerton Vic 3062
P: 03 9303 6100


The review featured here is based on the Snowy River Caravans 2023 SRT spec caravan. Please note that since this review was conducted, the brand has introduced its new 2024 SRT model, offering nine distinct themes and standard spec for customisation. The base price shown below is subject to change.

For the latest updates and information on the Snowy River 2024 lineup, including the themes and specs available, please visit the Snowy River Caravans website.


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