Caravan review: Urban Tungsten X-Terrain 18'9 Series 2

Caravan review: Urban Tungsten X-Terrain 18'9 Series 2 - Caravan World Australia

With continual improvements and innovations, the Urban Caravans range gets tougher and more self-sufficient. We sent Editor John Ford out to Victoria's Mount Disappointment for a look.

The story goes that Steve Trajcevski, head of Urban Caravans, and Andrew Lynch, Engineering manager at Premcar, met in their shared factory carpark and got talking. As you will read in our breakout, the result was the new caravan TerraGlide suspension and thanks to his input, Steve got first dibs on the system for his vans. So, when we found there was a top-of-the-line X-Terrain van fitted with the new setup we organised a day out to Mount Disappointment north of Melbourne. The drive gave us a big range of road conditions with heavy city traffic, an hour or so of freeway, rural roads and dusty forestry tracks gave us a good idea of how things work. The results were far from disappointing.

The company

Urban isn’t new to us here at Caravan World. I first discovered the brand in Queensland a few years ago and was impressed with the build quality and rugged engineering. In the meantime, we travelled with three young families in their brand-new Urbans X-Terrains (which sit between the more rugged Urban X-Treme series and the semi-offroad Tourer series) across to Western Australia and again I was impressed with the way they handled some pretty rough conditions. 

Urban owner, Steve Trajcevski has a three-generation connection to caravan production. He worked with his father in the industry before the 1989 recession when their Regal brand folded. Looking for a new adventure, he started his own successful upholstery business catering to the RV and commercial sector before getting back into caravan building in 2012. He created Urban Caravans with a determination for quality and durability. The first semi-offroad models attracted the attention of East Coast caravan dealer Hinterland Caravans which commissioned a range of pure offroaders. 

Since then, the caravan company has grown significantly, with an expanded workforce across three large factories. Urban is now a major part of the Australian offroad scene and, along with other emerging brands, Melbourne now rivals Queensland in the top tier of adventure caravan builders. Continuing the family tradition, Steve’s son recently joined him at Urban after completing tertiary qualifications.

The build

While some offroad caravan builders have turned to composite construction, most heavy-duty Australian vans, including Urban, stick with the proven engineering of an aluminium frame. And Steve reckons the best way to build is by Tungsten TIG welding rather than riveting which he believes is stronger. The frame is clad in a double PE coated composite aluminium exterior and fibreglass interior with foam insulation panels inserted into the voids. The roof is a single fibreglass sheet for maximum weather sealing.

The aluminium body bolts to Z sections of the unique 300mm truss frame built in-house with striking Urban logos cut into the sides. The suspension is a 4.5T independent TerraGlide system with impressive engineering and durability qualities. A flat polycarbonate floor eliminated wheel arches protruding into the cabin and allows improved versatility of layouts.

Naturally enough, sister company New Age Upholstery supplies the internal fitout and it’s no coincidence that the cabinetry and upholstery are superior. Diamond stitching looks rich, and the contours of the double layer foam padding makes for comfortable seating.

The internal joinery is lightweight ply shaped on CNC saw benches then joined with a tongue and groove fit before being glued, screwed and sealed. 

Urban offers three variations of full height offroad vans across its range with differences in levels of suspension, electrical components and equipment. The review van is from the premier Tungsten X-Terrain range and with an internal body length of 18ft 9in it’s the smallest tandem axle, but with the full list of standard features. (There’s also a single axle 18ft 6in and Armorlite hybrid for the ultimate in extreme offroading.)

The standard equipment list of the X-Terrain version is impressive and there isn’t much that you could think of to add apart from maybe some extra off grid power and the review van has taken care of that with some slick upgrades. 

X-Terrain exterior

While the 18ft 9in version might be the smallest tandem axle of the series, it’s a stunning looking van that wasn’t dwarfed when hooked up to a big Chev Silverado. Warm tan over black checkerplate protection gives a purposeful impression to the high riding body and without wheel arches, much of the high-tech chassis is on show.

Because the suspension and chassis are 4.3T rated, you can option the van with an ATM up to 4300kg. However, our review van has a 3500kg upper weight limit, so the trailer connection is the popular Cruisemaster DO35 hitch. For an upgrade of carrying capacity, the hitch changes to a DO45. The long A-frame has loads of room for an optional oversize storage box with slide out for a barbecue on the passenger side and a second large space with slide opposite. A central top loading hatch houses twin 9kg gas bottles in a dedicated space so they are safely out of the way and properly vented. 

Along the passenger side are a full width storage bin, picnic table, entertainment hatch, ample lighting, outside speakers and a manual awning. Down the back, a four-arm bar has a single spare. The high rear entry needs a twin step for access, and the security door folds back without blocking any windows.

X-Terrain interior

From the rear door you look forward through the living space to the front bed, and a full width ensuite is to your right. The simple colour choices of white and light timber combine with hidden cupboard catches for a minimalist style that will be easy to live with. Joins are perfect and the finish is professional and upmarket. Hardware like taps, handles and switches can get an optional ‘black pack’ upgrade to match the black upholstery and fridge. Long windows each side of the living space and more at the bed bring abundant light and fresh air.

The ensuite is roomy enough without wasting too much space, and there’s a single piece moulded shower with handy nooks for soaps and an extractor fan overhead. The Dometic toilet swivels and has decent elbow room and a second extractor fan, while a trendy black floating bowl is set into a wide timber vanity. A wall-mounted washing machine is standard, and cupboards and shelves have lots of storage.

At the cafe dinette are Urban-embossed lounges with a wide three-fold table. Drawers under the lounge slide out and have custom cushions as seat extensions when relaxing lengthways. They are comfortable and look much more substantial than most of the flip-up styles we usually see.

The kitchen runs along the passenger side, and there’s a roomy bench with a Hawk 600 cooktop and grill (no full oven), a myriad of soft close drawers and overhead cupboards, and a floor-to-ceiling slide-out pantry. Storage shouldn’t be a worry. 

A black padded bedhead adds a touch of class, and there are bedside nooks with USB chargers and a couple of Sirocco fans to keep cool at night.

X-Terrain off-grid

A standard X-Terrain has a notable electronics package with twin 150Ah lithium batteries, 4500W solar power, Victron 60A AC, 30A DC to DC and 30A MPPT. Our review van got an even more impressive $7500 upgrade to an Off-Grid package of 400Ah lithium, 880W solar and a 3000W inverter with a Victron 60A AC charger, 60A DC–DC power management and a 50A MPPT solar regulator. In most conditions, that’s enough battery power to keep you off the grid almost forever. You also get 220L of fresh water and a 65L dedicated drinking water tank, about as much as you can expect without exceeding the 3500kg weight limit. Opt for the extra 1000kg of payload, and you could add even more water, such as a grey water tank for camping in national parks. 


The Chev we had for our review can tow that 4500kg upgrade, so it easily coped with the near-empty stock van. The 18ft 9in model weighs around 2850kg, so it’s not lightweight and will need a LandCruiser, Patrol or Cherokee-style tow rig for safe towing over longer distances when it’s using up its 650kg payload. With the 4300kg ATM option, the Chev, its USA brothers or a light truck will be necessary. The V8’s 6.2L petrol engine produces ample power and is a virtual lounge room on wheels, but it sucks down fuel along windy, hilly roads like it’s 1950. On the dusty forest roads, we needed 4WD a couple of times on the very slippery and steeper sections of track. 

Mentioning dust, there was more than enough in the dry conditions in the bush, as some images of the van will attest. We didn’t win any friends with the detailers back at the factory, but there wasn’t any grime inside, proving the worth of the standard Urban Dust Suppression System.

The ride from the new suspension was remarkably smooth. Watching it in the mirrors, there was hardly any sway or roll in the steep hilly country, and on the highway, it sat perfectly flat at motorway speeds.

The bottom line

Urban has earned a solid reputation among the hard travelling community. Demand is strong, and it has been a challenge keeping up with orders, but the team continues to prioritise quality. Costs over time force prices up, and a stock 18ft 9in X-Terrain is now $128,990. Considering this is from the premium range, that’s good value against its competition.

The smallest tandem axle X-Terrain will appeal to couples who appreciate quality, and it is aimed at long-distance travel on challenging roads. The standard package will suit most situations, but set up with the optional electronics, you could camp in comfort at your favourite spot for longer.



  • Aluminium frame for durability and rot-free build
  • Innovative TerraGlide suspension for durability, less maintenance and peace of mind
  • Beautiful interior design


  • Needs a heavy-duty tow vehicle


Top of the line van with good value against competitors

The new suspension works very well

Couples will enjoy the amenities and room

Beautifully engineered and superb interior finish

All the comforts you need in a relatively compact van

Camp near some fresh water and stay as long as you like

A structural 10-year warranty including rot and crack free frame and five years on chassis and suspension gives buyers confidence

The new suspension is destined to be a game changer

Stands out with stunning looks



Overall length 8.2m (26ft 9in)
External body length 5.8m (19ft)
Internal body length 5.75m (18ft 9in)
External body width 5.8m (19ft)
Travel height 3.2m (10ft 5in)
Internal height 2.03m (6ft 7in)
Tare 2850kg
ATM 3500kg (4300kg optional upgrade)
Payload 650kg (calculated) (1450kg optional upgrade)
Ball weight 150kg
Ball to tare ratio 5.2% (calculated)


Frame Alloy composite
Cladding Extreme DuraGal
Chassis 150mm (6in) rails and drawbar
Suspension 4.3T TerraGlide Coil
Coupling Cruisemaster DO35 (DO45 optional upgrade)
Wheels 17in
Water 220L freshwater, 65L drinking water (285L total)
Battery 300Ah Lithium (standard)
Solar 2 x 220W solar panels (standard)
Air-conditioner Reverse cycle
Gas 2 x 9kg LPG
Sway control Optional


Cooking Gas/240V optional induction
Fridge 224L Dometic Compressor
Microwave 23L flatbed
Bathroom Full ensuite
Washing machine Front loader
Hot water Swift 28L gas/electric

Urban Tungsten X-Terrain 18'9 Series 2 price from $128,990


  • Black accessory pack for sink, taps etc. 
  • Off-grid package:
    • 400Ah lithium
    • 880W solar
    • 3000W inverter
    • Victron 60A AC charger
    • 60A DC-DC power management
    • 50A MPPT solar regulator
  • X-Terrain barbecue box upgrade

Urban Tungsten X-Terrain 18'9 Series 2 price as seen $138,635


Urban Caravans


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