PREVIEW: INEOS GRENADIER 4X4 - Will it tow a caravan?

PREVIEW: INEOS GRENADIER 4X4 - Will it tow a caravan?

An odd email came in a few weeks back, it was an invite to a Press Launch for a yet-to-be-released car, the INEOS Grenadier 4X4.

Normally we'd say 'thanks but no thanks' but they specially asked for Caravan World on account of wanting to hear our thoughts and generally talk about capability in-towing. 

I say generally as we weren't given many specs no matter how much we asked. We heard, confidently, that the Grenadier will get a 3500kg tow capacity and that the team is finalising GVM and Tare in an effort to offer a high payload. When pushed on GCM which is impacted by GVM and tow capacity, INEOS Head of Region, APAC, Justin Hocevar told us that the company has its sights on the big established SUV's which often have low payload and GCM - we are hoping to see 800kg to allow for a family, some bolt-ons like a bullbar and roof rack and some gear but time will tell. 

Climbing further under the prototype, we found the fuel tank is mid-mounted with the spare behind the rear axle. I asked about its volume and heard that that is TBC as the weights are finalised but fear not about capacity, I'd bet money on the aftermarket looking at secondary tanks where the spare is already. 

On fuel economy, we know the BMW engines are good but they'll be hampered by the aerodynamics of the box-like body of the Grenadier so I wouldn't expect record-low consumption, more like 12-17L/100km with a small camper and 17-25L with a full-bodied caravan. 

Under the hood is either a 3-litre petrol or diesel in-line six-cylinder supplied by BMW which drives an 8-speed ZF auto gearbox (one of the best in the business). The diffs are from Carraro who supply industrial farm machinery and are massive and are both electrically lockable for maximum traction. 

Initially, the petrol and diesel Grenadier will retail at the same price, around $85,000+ORC for a three-door Troopy style SUV with a five-door and cab-chassis utes. 

A detail we couldn't see personally on the day but like the sounds of are a proper user manual with exploded views of all components with all part numbers listed and some basic to moderate maintenance and repair guides included. It's refreshing to see a car-brand put faith in its owners to keep their cars tip-top. 

Hocevar told us that the team are looking at road-testing a pair of registered Grenadiers in the centre-north of QLD in mid-2022, just before the Aug '22 initial delivery date with caravan towing very much on the radar. Here's hoping it gets the specs we want and we get a chance to put one through its paces in a nice hot headwind. 

If you want to know more, head to where you can reserve a build slot for Australia but be warned, we heard the first deliveries are already spoken for so get in quick.