Projecta launches the INTELLI-GRID Inverter Charger range

Projecta launches the INTELLI-GRID Inverter Charger range - Caravan World Australia

The introduction of Projecta’s new INTELLI-GRID Inverter Chargers means enjoying power on the go will become more convenient than ever. 

These chargers have incredible power to run devices and come with built-in high speed AC transfer switch and high current battery charger, making them versatile enough to power appliances both on and off the grid. 

The new range is ideal to meet user demands for larger appliances and the bigger batteries which are more commonly being used for off-grid applications, providing high quality charging power along with powerful, clean AC power.

Inverter chargers are a new product category in the Projecta range and combine a 240V charger and Pure Sine Wave Inverter. This feature allows for a twofold use of the device: firstly, it can charge the auxiliary battery of the vehicle while connected to AC power, and secondly, it can act as an inverter to power a range of household appliances such as coffee machines, kettles, air-conditioners and more when not connected to mains power. The change from AC to battery power happens automatically without any intervention needed from the user.

Along with the convenience and cost effectiveness of having a unit that fulfils two roles, the INTELLI-GRID Inverter Chargers offer fast-charging performance, with a 400Ah battery that has the capability to be fully charged in under three hours. As a Pure Sine Wave Inverter, the range also offers the flexibility to power a wide range of equipment, even sensitive electronic devices. 

A further benefit is the grid power boost feature. In situations where the available power is weak, the inverter boosts the output to ensure it can still run power-hungry devices. For example, if the extension lead on the vehicle is rated at 10A, INTELLI-GRID Inverter Chargers can be set to boost the power, allowing the inverter to provide the extra power needed to run equipment such as an air-conditioner. Without this feature, power-hungry devices would not run while connected to mains power.

For added safety, the INTELLI-GRID Inverter Chargers feature an in-built safety switch, protecting the user in the event of an issue with the appliance it’s powering. Having an RCD (residual current device) is a prerequisite for an installation to be AC3001 ready providing added peace of mind and means no additional outlay or time is taken to install an external RCD.

Optimised benefits with heavy-duty batteries

For better performance, Projecta recommends pairing the INTELLI-GRID Inverter Chargers with INTELLI-GRID Heavy Duty Lithium Batteries. Sophisticated communication between the battery and charger can result in up to a 50 per cent increase in battery life compared to different brand batteries. When paired with an INTELLI-GRID charger the batteries will allow 3000 charge cycles, compared to many other LiFePO4 batteries which provide 2000 cycles.

For operators with alternative brand batteries, the INTELLI-GRID Inverter Chargers are also compatible with a wide range of battery chemistries, including GEL, AGM, Wet, Lead-Carbon and other lithium batteries.  

Projecta’s new range of INTELLI-GRID Inverter Chargers are available from leading automotive, camping, trade caravanning and four-wheel driving outlets nationwide. They’re also backed by industry-leading five-year replace or refund warranties, providing users assurance that their investment is protected. 

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