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Gear review: Red Paddle Co Towelling Change Robe

Written by: Carolyne Jasinski


Have you ever experienced one of those awkward moments when you’re trying to get out of wet swimmers and into some warm, dry clothes? 

You think you’re pretty clever with the towel wrapped around you, one hand holding it all together while the other hand grapples with wet togs. Then something bites you on the leg, you drop the towel and end up showing a bit more than you intended. 

Red Paddle Co has a brilliant way to say goodbye to those moments with its towelling change robe. 

This super-soft, 100 per cent cotton, fluffy hooded poncho was designed with serious sports people in mind. But thankfully it’s just as good for us not-so-sporty types. 

My idea of water sports is drifting down a hot spring river on a noodle, lounging in a spa tub or, if I’m really energetic, wading in tropical waters. 

But I still need to keep warm and get changed after that kind of gruelling activity … without scaring (and scarring) the neighbours. Cue Red Paddle’s hooded Towelling Change Robe. 

This towelling poncho is meant to be oversized so that you have plenty of room to move underneath. The bigger and baggier, the better. Sizing is based on your height, not weight. 

The bonus, as well as protecting your modesty, is that it still manages to look cool. It’s long, thick and heavy — something that worried me slightly when taking it on a road trip. We all know that space and weight is at a premium in motorhomes and caravans. 

Another thing to note is that while it soaks up a lot of water, getting you drier quicker, it can also take longer to dry than a normal towel. 

But I’m glad we found a storage home for the change robe because it very quickly got used for much more than changing at the beach. It makes a great dressing gown to get to and from the showers at caravan parks and when the weather turns a little chilly at night, the Red Paddle Towel Robe becomes a cosy hooded blanket. 

It’s $85 well spent, and is available for purchase online here


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