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Caravanners are a diverse bunch. Couples, families, solo travellers and groups of friends seeking adventure all have different requirements. In the caravan manufacturing industry, one size does not fit all. Wonderland RV has met this challenge by offering a wide variety of designs and solutions.

In the classic book Emma, Jane Austen wrote, “There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort”. While some quality doona and Netflix time can be valuable, caravanners in 2022 know that travelling does not require forfeiting the luxuries of life. It is possible to take on adventure and explore the corners of the country in style and comfort. However, luxury is subjective, and everyone’s needs differ.

The team

No one knows this more than the team at Wonderland RV. In 2014, owners Val and Ana, and their husbands, Kevin and Robert, pooled their skills and experience in industrial design and the caravan industry to create a company that is truly committed to providing a range of designs and solutions to match the diversity of Australian caravanners’ needs.

Keen adventurers themselves, the owners of Wonderland RV can be found exploring the many corners of this great land. 

“We’re caravanners ourselves, and it’s amazing to be able to inspire others to get out there and experience this stunning country of ours,” says Wonderland co-founder Val. “We love heading off the beaten track and meeting other Wonderlanders in the outback or by peaceful rivers, beaches and mountains while we put our caravans to the test. We always return from these family trips full of new ideas to enhance the caravanning experience for our customers.”

Bespoke solutions

With each caravan made to order, Wonderland RV offers personalised service to ensure that each customer receives the caravan that is perfect for their needs. In recognition of the fact that many of us take our home on wheels to some of the most remote and punishing landscapes in the country, Wonderland RV selects only high-quality elements to build its vans. However, this doesn’t mean that comfort and luxury are not prioritised.

Interior comforts, such as manchester and soft finishings, are all part of the Wonderland RV service. Partnering with VIOTTO Luxury RV textiles, Wonderland interior designers are able to offer unique finishes. VIOTTO manchester epitomises comfort and luxury and is specifically designed to fit caravan and RV slimline beds.

The VIOTTO range, which is exclusive to Wonderland RV, includes 100 per cent cotton quilt covers, that provide the perfect night’s sleep after a long day of sightseeing.

Horses for courses

We don’t all have the same idea of a good time. While some of us love surfing, hiking, paddleboarding or fishing, others enjoy poking around antique stores or trying out local cafes. Wonderland RV recognises this and offers five different models and 30 layout options to suit the differing needs of travellers.

According to Wonderland RV, “Each layout has been designed with the needs of solo travellers, couples and families in mind. Some have king-sized beds and club lounges; others are family pads with up to six bunk beds. Some suit entertainers, some suit remote-workers, some suit sports-lovers. There’s even space to fit stand-up paddleboards under beds. There’s bound to be a design to suit every customer’s vehicle, family size and travel plans”.

This commitment to considering the individual needs of each customer has earnt the company exceptional reviews. Personalised service is one of Wonderland RV’s priorities, and each step of the design and purchasing journey involves the valuable input of the customer, who is invited to work alongside the design team to find a solution that truly meets their needs.

Luxury offerings

Like our various definitions of the perfect holiday, there is also a broad spectrum of opinions when it comes to what constitutes luxury. As Wonderland RV states, comfort can mean an effective air-conditioning system for travellers heading up north, while foodies may prefer a fuller, larger kitchen. This is where the diversity of the company’s layouts comes to the rescue.

The team at Wonderland RV explained that “Wonderland RV has over 30 pre-defined layouts, with further customisation available on request. They’ve been carefully designed to suit the unique needs of solo travellers, couples and families who have very different lifestyles and priorities for their vans. Whatever luxury means to you, the team at Wonderland is sure to have it covered”.

The spirit of adventure

Adventure doesn’t have to mean roughing it, and Wonderland RV’s caravans are proof of this. An adventurous spirit is all that is required to take on life on the road. Why not fulfil that yearning for exploration in style and comfort?

The confidence of knowing your van is perfectly suited for your particular travels means that there is one fewer thing holding you back.

As Val says, “Don’t be scared to get out there and give it a go. You’ll never look back”.


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