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Caravanning On A Budget

You’ve done all the planning, but the big question is ‘how much money will we need?’

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Review: Bruder EXP-8

Caravan World's first Bruder EXP-8 review - an extreme expedition caravan with a high-end price tag to match.

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All Together Now

Family caravan holidays can be wonderful memory-makers. Here’s how to ensure your next trip goes as smooth as silk.

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From UnderWater to Above Water

While travelling, Editor-at-large John Ford met Rob Snook and his family who are travelling in a truck

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Travel with your Tribe

Buying an RV that’s perfect for family travel isn’t as simple as choosing a caravan with bunks. So, what kind of home away from home will suit yours?

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Travelling with Baby

The idea of travelling with a newborn can make many people run for the hills, but seasoned child traveller Claudia Bouma shares some tips for making the trip with baby a less stressful one.

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Caravan review: New Age Caravans Manta Ray 18ft Ensuite

John Ford explores the latest mid-range couples tourer, the 18ft Manta Ray.

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Explore the best of outback NSW: Walgett and surrounds

Looking for country hospitality, artesian baths, great pubs and bunch of brilliant places to unhitch? Walgett and surrounds have it all.

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