Offroad warrior Bushtracker 16ft

Malcolm Street — 20 June 2017

Although narrower than its large siblings, the 16ft Bushtracker still has the very familiar Bushtracker profile and is built the same way with a hot dipped galvanised chassis, fully independent suspension, aluminium frame and cladding.

Bushtracker tends to take a Volkswagen approach to their customer's vans. That is they start with a base van and have a long options list. Which is why in this case, the electricals are certainly well setup for extended stays.

There is no wasted space in this design. Drawers are fitted underneath the dinette seats and the bed. Also fitted under the bed is a 4.0kg washing machine with tunnel storage across the front. On either side of the bed, the raised floor, to allow for the wheel arch, also has floor hatches for hiding smaller items. In the bathroom, water sealed doors allow for otherwise unusable space to be fully utilised.

Because of the front tunnel storage, the 1.9m x 1.37m (6ft 3in x 4ft 6in) bed sits slightly higher than usual but that's not a real issue. By day, it does offer a commanding view out of the windows. The bed base lifts easily to get to the storage underneath. 

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Offroad warrior Bushtracker 16ft review test caravan rv


Malcolm Street