All Powered Up

Robyn Pitman-Williams — 9 May 2022
Thanks to iTechworld, travellers no longer need to worry about meeting their energy requirements

Along with the rise in popularity of camping, there has been increased demand for portable energy solutions. Jordan from iTechWorld agrees, stating that portability of solar options is a must for today’s camper. “At iTechworld, we always strive to have the most up to date and advanced products on the market. Our solar blanket kits are extremely portable and come with everything you need to start charging, including a regulator, extension lead & alligator clamps. Simply set your solar blanket up at camp, and away you go!”

The changing needs of Australian campers are also being met with a variety of new products. With campers favouring the little luxuries of life (think coffee machines and iPads), energy needs are also changing. Jordan from iTechWorld states that the company’s new lithium products are designed to suit the lifestyles of all campers.
“Many of our customers are always travelling and because of this, we have designed and developed devices now known as portable lithium power stations. With a vast array of sizes, we have one to suit anyone in need of portable power. A lithium power station is made up of a lithium battery, inverter, 12V outputs, USB outputs, DCDC 12v charger, MPPT controller, 240V charger, battery monitor, heavy-duty battery box and much more,” he says. This means that customers can power their coffee machines, fridges, induction cook tops and other necessities.

Campers can have full confidence in iTechWorld products, which are all carefully designed and stringently tested to ensure they are suited to tough Australian conditions.
“We are constantly designing and developing our products, looking for any improvement possible to provide better power opportunities to our customers. At iTechworld, we work closely with our customers and take on their advice and feedback when designing new products with the intention of solving problems they may be facing,” says Jordan.
Jordan says that during the design and development phase, iTechWorld ensures that products will suit the Australian environment. With corrugated roads, high humidity and extreme heat all being large factors in Australia, they ensure their products are built tough. Product testing doesn’t end there, though.

“Once our products have passed all machine testing it is always important for us to get our prototypes into the real world — from staff, influencers, friends and members of the public, all our products will endure the harshest Australian conditions for years before they are released,” says Jordan.

While solar products are undoubtedly growing in popularity, Jordan says that one of iTechWorld’s most popular products would have to be the iTECH120X lithium battery, which is a true drop-in upgrade for your caravan/4WD’s existing deep cycle batteries. “This means you can replace your current Lead-acid / AGM batteries with our iTECH120X lithium battery without any changes to your existing battery chargers or system. Weighing only 10kg, the iTECH120X is under 1/6th the weight of an equivalent lead-acid battery (60kg). The iTECH120X is the only IP67 waterproof lithium battery on the market today,” says Jordan.

Another popular iTechWorld product is the JS80 3000A lithium jump starter, which is a must-have for everyone with a car, especially caravanners and four-wheel drivers. According to Jordan, “The JS80 is the most powerful jumpstarter in Australia — delivering a massive 3000 Cold Cranking Amps, you can now start any vehicle you can find. The JS80 is also a portable power supply with the ability to run your 12v appliances and charge mobile devices/tablets”.

If it’s size you’re seeking, the largest iTechWorld power station is the iTECH1300P, which encases everything a dual battery consists of and more, putting it in comparison with a petrol generator without the tedious downside. “With a 100Ah lithium battery, 1300W pure sine wave inverter, LED monitor, 12V outputs and much more the iTECH1300P is all you will need to suffice your power needs on your next trip!” says Jordan.

So, the next time you’re packing for a big trip, remember that iTechWorld will have you all powered up and ready for your adventure.


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