Meeting New Challenges

Robyn Pitman-Williams — 7 April 2022
Growing appetites for offroad travel equals changing energy needs. We spoke to REDARC about rising to this challenge.

Solar Ranges
According to REDARC, COVID-19 has inspired many Australians to explore their own backyards rather than travel internationally. REDARC has been supplying Australians with energy solutions for decades and is well versed in national camping trends. Tim Chivers, REDARC RV Business Development Manager, says solar products are becoming increasingly popular.

“Solar power allows adventurers to stay off-grid, with power, indefinitely. The new REDARC solar blankets are the ultimate portable solar option. The blankets are up to 25% lighter than our previous range and up to 40% lighter than our folding and fixed solar panels, making them quick to set up and pack down, meaning it’s easy to move around to chase the sunshine,” he says.

The Changing Needs of Modern Travellers
The rise of solar powered products and the increased popularity of camping means that the needs of travellers have slowly but surely changed — and will continue to do so.
Tim says “Camping is no longer limited to your typical bare bones, live-off-the-land setup. With more people heading off-grid than ever, the cross-section of who this includes cuts through all sections of society.”
The RV market is also changing. Demand for RVs has certainly increased during the pandemic due to the clear focus on domestic travel. This has seen longer build times for new RVs and an increase in pricing and demand in the aftermarket, coupled with increased demand for accessories, including monitoring systems. With different demographics now opting to stay on the road for longer periods of time, there are new varying needs that REDARC is considering.
“In addition to your typical fridge and lights set up, some of the luxuries from home are now expected in RVs — think coffee machines, televisions, and portable induction cooktops,” says Tim.
With so much information out there, Australian travellers need expert advice they can rely on — and REDARC prides itself on being on hand for its customers.
“There is reassurance in knowing that there is someone technical to take their call and they sit just metres from the team that designed and manufactured the products. There’s a network of tradespeople around the country that have been using the REDARC products for years and are happy to help,” says Tim of the increased demand for reliable customer service.

Lithium Solutions
REDARC has also introduced new lithium products in response to heightened demand. According to Tim, “Over the last 12 months REDARC have introduced a new range of lithium batteries to complement our battery management and control systems — our customers can now source their entire 12V build from us.”
REDARC launched its portable lithium powerhouse, the GoBlock, late last year. “The GoBlock packs 100Ah of lithium power and REDARC’s charging technology into a convenient and rugged portable unit, making it perfect for easily moving between vehicles and setting up camp quickly,” says Tim.

Product Testing
REDARC takes its responsibility to test product suitability for rugged Australian conditions seriously, putting its products through rigorous tests to ensure compatibility with harsh Australian conditions. The company has two in-house testing laboratories — the EMC lab and the vibration lab. The electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) laboratory allows REDARC to ensure that its products are compliant in terms of radio frequency (RF) emissions and immunity. Put simply, products are required to have low RF emissions, so that they do not affect other devices that are nearby.
Tim says that vibration testing is all about ensuring that designs will clear the bar of surviving and operating vibrations experienced both on the blacktop and the tougher offroad tracks. “During vibration testing, we expose the products being tested to vibration and temperature extremes to simulate a lifetime of real-world conditions. We often call this ‘shake and bake’ testing. Vibration testing means our products are subjected to same harsh conditions they will face when being installed in offroad vehicles and trucks. This ensures they won’t fail under prolonged pressure,” states Tim.

The Future is Bright
With everything becoming electrified and mobile, where does REDARC see itself in 10 years?
Tim sees everything becoming mobile, which will mean almost everything will require power.
“REDARC has always been about enabling vehicles and mobile equipment to do more. In 10 years, the company will be very different to what it is today as we pursue opportunities in new markets and applications that involve battery power and mobility.”
With smart energy solutions and an enthusiasm to innovate that is second-to-none, REDARC is ready and willing to take on an electrified future.


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